Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camping Psycho

Hei Ppl Wazzup????
dont tell me i know the awnswer
Ceiling. right?
yeah....1 more day to camp...
sadly i use to like camping but now i hate it i dont know why...
ive packed all my camping thingy

after i come bck from camp my parents would bring me to Causeway Point to watch
"Karate Kid" and "Despicable Me" (:
cant wait to get home from camp

Anyways..Brazil Trash Ivory Coast 3-1
but they cant beat Argentinas record 4-1
i think brazil should have done better then that
but too bad hahaha~

k thats all for today
im not going to post anything for the next 3 days so bare with it..~
hahaha bye (:

Yours Sincerely

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