Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hey Wats up...!

Long tyme no post....haha sorie uh..busy uh...((:
haha anyways im here to update my blog..:D
here is a Video of me playing American Idiot by Green Day...\m/

now school holidays...
but i prefer going to school then stay at home doing nothing...
what a waste of life ...
...holiday also have alot of homework sia...
Takderh lagi banyak perh ???

kae larh tats all !!! \m/ rock always !!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey3 ppls long time no update :P

just..updating my blog coz...is going dead... x_x

My lyfe had change lately..i felt tat evryday theres no mood...not even happy

i just miss that person...AKUNDIA

thats what in my mind now...AKUNDIA... sound sooo sweet awwww~~

...as usual playing guitar...learnt new songs...

. Im Yours by Jason Mraz

. Replay (Acoustic version) by IYAZ

. You Belong To Me by Taylor Swift

. Favourite Girl by Justin Bieber

. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

alot rite? yeah i knw....

Currently in a new band called PEACE MAKER

as you can see above..Our band logo
our genre is Alternative rock
and our motto is
We'll Make Peace,
If Not You'll Be Pieces...\m/
Faris - Lead Vocalist
Fairus - Lead Guitarist
Fa'iz - Rhythm Guitarist
Asri (me) - Bassist
Danil - Drummer
Just Now School was quite boring but still must study coz final year exam is around the corner literally...
just now get out of home at 7.10
reach school abt 7.23 i think...
then assembly bla bla bla~
then first period PE
We didnt do pe but we did Mass Theory
bla bla bla~
then Physics
Okay2 larh the lesson quite interesting actually... :P
then Mother Tongue -_-
skip tat coz to boring to type abt it...
then Recess !!!RING!!!!
I buy Maccoronni & Cheese mmmm :P soo nice
after Recess then History...bla bla bla~
then english...learnt abt hot to write letter and stuff..
then maths...
subject of DOOMED!!
i juz hate maths...
here maths..there maths..everywhere maths...soo boring..
tats it of my day at school..bye !!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

all abt....

Harlow Ppl?
hw r u doing?
Then Good... :D
Anyways i been busy lately..with wat?..erm with my project for the malay thingy....
hahaha...just wanna update my blog to prevent it from being dead........so see you bye!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

hey Ppl
Wats up
Just camback from camp Malaysia Tanjong Piai Resort~tiring and Quite fun :)

~Day 1~

Report to School...meet friends talk about the trip...then take bus go Tuas Terminal Checkpoint....
After That Change Bus...Go Malaysia...Wahh Damn Long sey the trip...take abt ....1hr..sooo long
then Reach Tanjong Piai Resort..Not what i been ecpected....Haiya!!! top of the sea....i hate sea..
i have phobia...then the "Trainers" bring us to our bunks..and settle down our things and change to our
chlothes...then when too the forest..see 4 cows and i see and saw cow "Shit"..Smelly like ****..like want to vomit..
proceed on to our activities... firstly do the "Raft" Thingy very troublesome...then after that do water activities..
for that i got 1 word...very2 sway larh....my shoe get all muddy like **** and then raining...uhhggg!! hate it!!
then go back bunk...Shower,Change Chlothes And went to take dinner and then idk and the supper/debrief and off to bed..

~Day 2~

Wake up at 6.00 am... shower...where uniform....and when for breakfeast..after that went to SMK Sri Kukup a.k.a
Malaysian school...quite big as compare to our school...went we went in, they welcoming us with a big bang like a party is going on~..then went to their hall..their english is poor (No Offence but its true) they say a little speach..and then the performence starts..firstly malay dance quite nice...:)
Then...a Silat performance...then another malay dance...
after the performance we went touring the school...
alot of facilities like a animal farm,Vegetable/fruites garde Etc.
then went bck to our resort....
then do ous activities but unfortunate ly idk i forget
and then went back to bunk and sleep..

~Day 3~

Wake up...at 6.15am..shower...
then when breakfest....
but then it rains...most of our activities are cancelled..cool...
then erm...hangout in bunks with frends wasting our time....
the when rains stop we went Jetty Jumping
Coolest thing i ever did in my entire life ^-^
then shower...
and of to singapore...
Home Sweet Home :)

k larh tats all

Yours Sincerely

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hei Ppl

hw u doing?


good ^_^

Anyways I change my Blog Songs to all BFMV a.k.a Bullet For My Valentine :

. Tears Don't Fall

. Your Betrayal

. Room 409

. Waking The Demon

I also Change my band logo ... nice right....if not...get out of here....jkjk..
but seriously...
tats all for today bye
Yours Sincerely

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camping Psycho

Hei Ppl Wazzup????
dont tell me i know the awnswer
Ceiling. right?
yeah....1 more day to camp...
sadly i use to like camping but now i hate it i dont know why...
ive packed all my camping thingy

after i come bck from camp my parents would bring me to Causeway Point to watch
"Karate Kid" and "Despicable Me" (:
cant wait to get home from camp

Anyways..Brazil Trash Ivory Coast 3-1
but they cant beat Argentinas record 4-1
i think brazil should have done better then that
but too bad hahaha~

k thats all for today
im not going to post anything for the next 3 days so bare with it..~
hahaha bye (:

Yours Sincerely

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hey Ppl Wazzup?
hahaha XD

yesteraday South Korea Vs Argentina 1-4
Argentian really trash South Korea To the core hahaha
take that South Korea
Hoping Argentina will be the Fifa World Cup Campion

anyways i change my blog layout to Black & White
5 more days to The School Camp
uuhhgg!! >:(
i really hate camping
wat a waste of my time i rather sit at home play my Computer....

Okies...thats all for today

Yours Sincerely

Pictures Taken From:http://sports.xin.msn.com/world-cup-2010/photogallery.aspx?cp-documentid=4157196