Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hey3 ppls long time no update :P

just..updating my blog coz...is going dead... x_x

My lyfe had change lately..i felt tat evryday theres no mood...not even happy

i just miss that person...AKUNDIA

thats what in my mind now...AKUNDIA... sound sooo sweet awwww~~

...as usual playing guitar...learnt new songs...

. Im Yours by Jason Mraz

. Replay (Acoustic version) by IYAZ

. You Belong To Me by Taylor Swift

. Favourite Girl by Justin Bieber

. Crazy Train by Ozzy Osbourne

alot rite? yeah i knw....

Currently in a new band called PEACE MAKER

as you can see above..Our band logo
our genre is Alternative rock
and our motto is
We'll Make Peace,
If Not You'll Be Pieces...\m/
Faris - Lead Vocalist
Fairus - Lead Guitarist
Fa'iz - Rhythm Guitarist
Asri (me) - Bassist
Danil - Drummer
Just Now School was quite boring but still must study coz final year exam is around the corner literally...
just now get out of home at 7.10
reach school abt 7.23 i think...
then assembly bla bla bla~
then first period PE
We didnt do pe but we did Mass Theory
bla bla bla~
then Physics
Okay2 larh the lesson quite interesting actually... :P
then Mother Tongue -_-
skip tat coz to boring to type abt it...
then Recess !!!RING!!!!
I buy Maccoronni & Cheese mmmm :P soo nice
after Recess then History...bla bla bla~
then english...learnt abt hot to write letter and stuff..
then maths...
subject of DOOMED!!
i juz hate maths...
here maths..there maths..everywhere maths...soo boring..
tats it of my day at school..bye !!

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